Rdio Replacement

My wife and I freaked out a little bit when we heard Rdio is going away. Now we have to find an Rdio replacement! Since we live in Canada we can’t get Pandora yet so we can’t even hope to find in Pandora what we found in Rdio. Music is very important in our lives so it’s a pretty big deal when our favourite music streaming service goes out of business. We have Spotify since it came with my phone plan but it just doesn’t cut it for us, it doesn’t provide the same music discovery experience we loved on Rdio and the Roku app for Spotify really sucks!

After searching for a couple days we came up with some solutions for a replacement to Rdio which I will describe in some detail in this post in case anyone wants to try them out.

One option was to use last.fm to build our music profile and use it to provide recommendations of new music. First we have to sign up for an account on last.fm and install the last.fm app onto our Android phones and use it to help detect our taste in music. There are other apps which will scrobble our music for us as well. The scrobbling app will detect any music playing on our device including in other apps from services such as Rdio, Spotify, Deezer, etc. and build our listening profile based on the music we listen to. It can then give us recommendations for similar music we might like. Unfortunately there isn’t a last.fm Roku app and no way to scrobble on the Roku that I know of, and so we would have to stream from our phone or computer to our media player in order to “scrobble” the music. Also last.fm no longer has a streaming service. However, it will connect into Spotify or Youtube and play the track there from the last.fm website. It will actually open up the Spotify app on your computer to play the track. We would also have to use the last.fm website to get recommendations and their website is caked full of ads unless you pay them $3/month.

Then even if we did have to use Spotify we could work around the horrible Roku app and root our phones and use AirAudio to stream to our TV, Roku, or receiver. Either that or use Unified Remote to control Spotify on our computer and make last.fm scrobble there instead and connect the computer into our home theater setup (was going to via my optical audio connection on my comp) and possibly even use Soundwire to stream from the computer to the phone if we ever want to for some reason. These methods seemed like such a lot of work though and had the downfalls of either having to root our phones or having to sacrifice the audio on the computer when listening to music (not to mention having to buy a new optical cable that was long enough) but I’m mentioning them here in case anyone wants to try it out.

Another option which seems like far less work is to find another service with similar features to Rdio. After reviewing several we settled on trying out Slacker Radio. (Update: We’ve switched to Google Play Music with a family subscription and absolutely love it!) It has all the features we loved in Rdio and possibly even more! It even allows you to fine tune the station which includes sliders to adjust favorites, year and song popularity. The Roku app doesn’t suck like Spotify’s! So far so good.

So long Rdio! We love you!

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